Taking Yield Farming to the Next Level With Animal Farm

As a result of DeFi protocols, access to finance has been democratized, allowing anyone with an Internet connection to gain access to opportunities and services. However, they only gained popularity after the ‘DeFi summer of 2020’ and the yield farming craze that followed. The concept of yield farming has changed the way people view savings

Bitcoinist: Transit Swap Managed To Recover 70% Of Stolen Funds After Exploit

On Sunday, the multichain decentralized exchange aggregator Transit Swap suffered an exploit resulting in $23 million losses. But fortunately, the project’s team managed to recover 70% of the stolen funds on the same day with the help of several blockchain security firms, which facilitated the platform immediately after the incident.  The blockchain security firms which Decentralized App BCH Bull Prepares for Launch, Platform Allows Users to Long or Hedge Bitcoin Cash Against a Myriad of Tradeable Assets

Just recently the developers behind the Bitcoin Cash-centric project Anyhedge released the alpha version of the Anyhedge Whitelabel and since then, 284 smart contracts were created onchain, and more than $32,900 in funds hedged using the alpha protocol. Furthermore, this month, General Protocols, the engineers behind Anyhedge, revealed the team plans to launch a decentralized

ZyCrypto: USDC Will Integrate With DeSo Blockchain to Bring Web3 to The Masses

USDC is set to integrate with DeSo, a new blockchain for decentralised social media, to pave the way for DeSo to become a cross-chain social layer for all Web3. Reportedly, this integration gives DeSo, a new layer one blockchain created for decentralised social media and scale storage-heavy applications, a bridge to millions of Ethereum users

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