Bank of Russia Adds Digital Assets to Banking Chart of Accounts

Central Bank of Russia has introduced digital assets, including the digital version of the Russian ruble, to the recently published draft of the new banking chart of accounts. In the future, financial institutions will be able to provide data about operations with these assets. Russian Banks to Record Digital Currencies as Assets in Their Accounting

Blockonomi: Bitcoin Closed The Month At $19k: What Does October Hold for the Crypto Market?

The crypto market has experienced a major pullback since the summer, with a series of sharp drops in prices, executive resignation notices, and bankruptcies caused by various factors. As 2023 is just a quarter away, all eyes are set on the final three months in a glimmer of hope that October looks brighter for Bitcoin. […] The post Bitcoin Closed The Month At $19k: What Does October Hold for the Crypto Market? appeared first on Blockonomi.

ZyCrypto: XT.COM Exchange Lists Q2 Token in Its Main Metaverse Zone

At 2:00 on September 27th, 2022, XT.COM listed Q2 in the main Metaverse Zone and began trading the Q2/USDT trading pair (UTC). For the Players’ DAO’s decentralized administration, Q2 tokens are used. The future of video games and gaming in the metaverse can be owned and governed thanks to Q2s, which give players, streamers, developers,

Bitcoinist: TIDEFI Streamlines Access To Financial Services As Mainnet And DEX App Go Live

Decentralized finance is one of the biggest industry verticals on blockchain and crypto. Unfortunately, it remains a relatively inaccessible industry for those not familiar with the jargon and tools TIDEFI will change that narrative for the better through its one-stop-solution application for desktop and mobile. Improving Access to Decentralized Finance There are many reasons why Japanese Gaming Giant Sega to Launch First Blockchain Game

Sega, one of the largest Japanese gaming companies, has announced that it will launch its first blockchain game in collaboration with Double Jump Tokyo, another Japanese development company. The game, which is based on Sega’s Sangokushi Taisen franchise, will be built using Oasys, a Japanese scaling-focused project, to support its blockchain elements. Sega to Launch

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