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ZyCrypto: Starfish Finance Shares Vision Of DeFi-NFT Convergence on Polkadot

The decentralized finance project Starfish Finance, which runs on the Astar Network, has shared its outlook for how NFTs and decentralized finance will come together on Polkadot. The community-driven project asserts that Starfish Finance ($SEAN) will act as the fortress that harbours the eventual union of the DeFi and NFTs worlds to create a brighter

ZyCrypto: MEXC’s M-Ventures Completes Brand Upgrade As Scaled Capital Reaches $200 Million

At the MEXC afterparty “M&M Launcher,” which took place on September 28, during the Token2049 event in Singapore, MEXC Exchange officially announced that its fund had been upgraded to M-Ventures and received a new management group. Through strategic investments, mergers and acquisitions, funds of funds, and project incubation, the upgraded M-Ventures is a comprehensive fund

ZyCrypto: Jungle Safari: Upcoming Web3 Game To Get NFT Airdrop from Apejet

A GameFi ecosystem called Apejet aims to introduce blockchain technology’s potential to the gaming industry. The Apejet ecosystem seeks to build a platform that enables game developers to raise money by integrating Apejet into their games and making JET tokens the rewards players receive. Selling JET tokens to players would allow game developers to raise

ZyCrypto: Mining Is More Than Alive and Here to Stay: Here’s Why

The current crypto winter makes people surprised if mining continues to be profitable. Is crypto mining alive at all? Let’s assess how relevant mining is within the fall of 2022. Is it worth entering the market now? What affects mining profitability? Mining is a method guaranteeing the operation of the crypto network, which needs computing

ZyCrypto: FTX Bags Voyager Digital Assets After Highly Competitive Bidding Process

FTX has won the bid to absorb cash-beleaguered crypto lender Voyager Digital, beating crypto exchanges Binance and CrossTower. According to a Monday announcement, FTX won after placing a $1.422 billion bid, with Voyager describing the sale as “the best alternative for Voyager stakeholders.” Details as to how much its two other competitors offered were not

ZyCrypto: Sharp Decline in Retail Investments As Bitcoin Braces For Tough Times

Bitcoin has been experiencing a sharp decline in retail investments for 426 days since last year’s great miner migration out of China. According to a recent network analytics report by Glassnode, the decline equates to the retail investor purge experienced for 474 days during the infamous 2018 bear market. This comes even as the Bitcoin

ZyCrypto: Why Clothing Matters in the Metaverse

Across the world, there are several industries that nearly everyone uses. While finance and healthcare might initially come to mind, another surprising entry is the apparel industry. The global clothing market is experiencing a growth rate of nearly 10% per year, predicted to reach an incredible $605 billion by the end of 2022. This industry

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