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ZyCrypto: Astar Network Partners With Legendary Artist Yoshitaka to Release an NFT collection on Its Blockchain

A Build2Earn multichain network for smart contracts, Astar Network, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with legendary artist Yoshitaka Amano, a renowned Japanese artist responsible for iconic artworks. According to the announcement, the partnership follows the platform’s plans to create and release an exclusive NFT collection on its blockchain. Meanwhile, it marks the

ZyCrypto: LBank Crypto Exchange Weekly Listing Report — September 26, 2022

The weekly report from the LBank Exchange provides an overview of the intriguing new listings from this week and the week prior. Users can learn more in this report to comprehend these exceptional opportunities. New Listings on LBank Exchange Project: SIDO Listing date: 26th September Official Website: & About: SIDO P2E platform project avoids paying

ZyCrypto: Genesis Token (GTN) Goes Live For Trading On LBank Exchange

Genesis Token (GTN) was listed on LBank Exchange, a worldwide trading platform for digital assets, on September 29, 2022. On September 29, 2022, at 10:00 UTC, the GTN/USDT trading pair became formally accessible to all LBank Exchange users. Relictum Pro builds a global platform that encompasses all facets of human life in a distributed registry

ZyCrypto: Arbswap Debuts the Nova Accelerator to Bolster Arbitrum’s Ecosystem

Over the past few months, Arbswap, the decentralized automated market maker exchange built on the Arbitrum platform, has made significant advancements. With assistance from Old Fashion Research, a multi-strategy blockchain investment fund, Arbswap recently launched the Nova Accelerator following the migration of its contracts to the Arbitrum Nova network. By creating the Accelerator, Arbswap aims

ZyCrypto: Starfish Finance Shares Vision Of DeFi-NFT Convergence on Polkadot

The decentralized finance project Starfish Finance, which runs on the Astar Network, has shared its outlook for how NFTs and decentralized finance will come together on Polkadot. The community-driven project asserts that Starfish Finance ($SEAN) will act as the fortress that harbours the eventual union of the DeFi and NFTs worlds to create a brighter

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