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Bitcoinist: Terraform Labs Employee In Hot Water For Stealing Company’s Bitcoin

Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency launched an investigation against an employee from Terraform Labs, who is allegedly involved in the embezzlement of corporate funds in Bitcoin from the company in May. South Korean police stood by its findings that the employee’s unlawful act was purely personal and did not involve Terraform Labs Founder Do Kwon. Following

Bitcoinist: What Does Metaverse Mean for Global Football?

While considering the Global Sports Market Opportunities and Strategies Report 2021, issued by Yahoo Finance, it is reported that the global sports market is forecasted to reach $599.9 billion by 2025, and as COVID-19 lockdowns ease further, $826 billion by 2030. Much of this is attributed to esports, sponsorships and ease of access, as well

Bitcoinist: Cardano Volume Surges As DeFi Development Ramps Up

It is no secret that Cardano remains the network with active developments going on at any point in time. This has now transferred over to the decentralized finance (DeFi) side of things where developers continue to flock onto the network. The result of this has been a surge in the volume being transacted on the

Bitcoinist: Egg On Face: St. Louis Fed Uses Bitcoin As Unit Of Account

The St. Louis Federal Reserve has posted a new blog where it compares the price of eggs in USD versus Bitcoin. Although the blog is designed to crack a joke about the cryptocurrency, the Fed ultimately has ended up with egg on its face. Here’s why. FRED Blog Cracks Joke On Bitcoin Using Egg Price Inflation

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