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Bitcoinist: Dogecoin Down 16%, Shiba Inu 12% As Crypto Market Burns

The top memecoins Dogecoin and Shiba Inu haven’t been spared in the latest crash in the crypto market as the coins are currently down 16% and 12%, respectively. Dogecoin And Shiba Inu Bleed Amid Wider Crypto Crash The memecoins had been having a rough time for a while now, much like the rest of the

Bitcoinist: Goldman Sachs Begins Trading Ethereum-Linked Derivative Product

Bloomberg reported on Monday that Goldman Sachs has begun trading a sort of derivative linked to Ethereum. Goldman Sachs Launches Derivative Product As a torrent of institutional money entered the market in 2021, the investment bank relaunched its crypto activities, with the core of its services focusing around derivatives tied to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Goldman

Bitcoinist: PLCU Coin: A Crypto Ecosystem Outside Bitcoins Orbit

The last few weeks have witnessed some of the most turbulent times in recent memory for the cryptocurrency industry. Stable coins have been looking, well… not so stable recently, and coin values across the board have been sinking faster than at any time in the past. Although this seems to be the first-time stable coins

Bitcoinist: Top crypto projects that are actually trying to do better for the world

The cryptocurrency space is home to various initiatives, including several projects trying to do good globally. Unfortunately, there have been several setbacks on that front too, yet the negative shouldn’t overshadow the potential. In fact, several projects are trying to do good and making real-world inroads. The Evolution Of Crypto For Good One must acknowledge

Bitcoinist: Crypto Corner: The Sports Slice

One platform has raised $10M to build the next blockchain sports game, while several other sports crypto platforms have fallen. Meanwhile, a new Seton Hall survey shows that there’s a strong audience interested in both sports and crypto – and the UFC has yet again another crypto partner. Every weekend, we provide you with a

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