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Bitcoinist: Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Rises 10%, Sets New All-Time High

Data shows the Bitcoin mining difficulty has risen by 10% in the latest network adjustment and has set a new all-time high. Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Sets New ATH Of 37.59 Trillion The “mining difficulty” is a feature on the Bitcoin blockchain that controls how hard miners currently find it to mine on the network. The

Bitcoinist: Former Bank Of England Advisor Says CBDCs Are Not Worth The Risk

Many countries have been on the quest to launch CBDCs. According to data from Crowdsourcingweek, up to 105 countries have shown interest in these central bank digital currencies. Out of these countries, the Bahamas, Nigeria, the Caribbeans, China, and Jamaica have launched CBDCs. In addition, other countries, such as Ghana, South Africa, UAE, Thailand, Malaysia,

Bitcoinist: XRP Whale Withdraws $38M From Binance, Bullish?

Data shows an XRP whale has taken out $38 million from the crypto exchange Binance. Can this be a bullish signal for the crypto’s price? XRP Whale Has Withdrawn Almost $38 Million From Binance As per data from the crypto transaction tracker service Whale Alert, a large XRP transaction has been spotted on the Ripple

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